We will now give you a step-by-step explanation of how to obtain your entry tickets for COSMOBEAUTY Barcelona.

1. Fill out the form with the requested data. Make sure all data are correct before proceeding to the next step. 




2. You will automatically receive an e-mail once you have filled out the form.

3. Print out your ticket and keep it with you until the day of the event.

4. Present your print-out or your digital ticket on your mobile phone or tablet in order to be granted immediate access to the Exhibition. 

*Registration is required for any person aged 16 or above


Frequently asked questions:

– I have requested an entry ticket for the Exhibition on my name but I won’t be able to attend. Can I hand over my ticket to somebody else?

  • No, for security reasons all entry tickets are personal and not transferable as they carry each assistant’s contact information.

–  I do not have a printer and I cannot print out my entry ticket?

  • You can access the Exhibition by showing your entry ticket on your mobile phone or tablet. Should you have lost your ticket, please go to the counters located in the precinct’s entrance hall in order to obtain a copy.

– I have lost my entry ticket, how can I recover it?

  • Your entry ticket was sent to you by e-mail on the day of your registration, so it should still be in your inbox. Should you have eliminated it, go back to the registration form and indicate your e-mail address (the one you used to register) and you will be able to print it out again.

– Can I bring my children or any other under-aged persons?

  • Yes. Persons under the age of 16 can occess the Exhibition but have to be at all times accompanied and under the supervision of an adult.

– Do my children or companions need an entry ticket for the Exhibition?

  • That depends. If your children or companions are younger than 16 they do not need an entry ticket. If they are older than 16 they will need to register and obtain an entry ticket in order to be able to access the Exhibition.

– Is my entry ticket valid for the three days of the event?

  • Yes, your entry ticket is valid for the three days of the Exhibition and you will be able to leave and access the precinct as many times as you need. 

– I have received an invitation. Does this suffice to access the Exhibition?

  • To be able to access the Exhibition, please go to the counters located in the precinct’s entrance hall in order to exchange your invitation for a personalized entry ticket which will grant you access to the event.