Lorena Oberg

Lorena Oberg is an expert with Premier Skin Care specialized in tattoo removal. After growing more and more frustrated with the options available to those who are not satisfied with their permanent make-up, she became resolved to find her own solution. Lorena now teaches her own specific laser techniques to students all over the world. Thanks to her efforts, she can now offer and teach safe and efficient tattoo removal techniques that are so innocuous they can be used even on the face. Lorena receives requests from all over the world to give conferences about her unique approach towards tattoos and the removal of permanent make-up.

Her clinics on Harley Street and Surrey offer unique treatments like DermaEraze for stretch marks, DermaLipo for fat reduction and DermaLift for skin lifting. Lorena has a long list of loyal customers who completely trust in her and her very personal service.

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