Dra. Inmaculada Nogués

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery at the Universitat de Barcelona, Specialist in Family Medicine, Master in Natural Medicine by the Universitat de Barcelona and Licensed in homeopathy.

Professor of the Master of Natural Medicine (COMB) and Master of Neural Therapy (Universidad de San Juan de Dios).

Since many years she has taught courses and given conferences on the human being’s physical and energetic constitution, working closely together with various centres and entities in order to investigate and disseminate these matters.

She currently develops her professional activity as a Family doctor at the Social Security Health Centre of Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) and she is the president of the Merry Human Life Society (Merry Life), a non-profit association developing self-growth activities.

She is author of the book, De lo físico a lo sutil – From the physical to the subtle (Editorial El Siguiente Paso) and co-author of  Medicina Natural basada en la evidencia – Natural Medicine based on Evidence (Camfic).


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