Dr. Sergio Abanades

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery at the Universidad Complutense, Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology at the Municipal Institute of Investigation IMM – Hospital del Mar, Master in Toxicology, Master in homeopathy by the University of Barcelona, cum laude Doctor in Pharmacology, and diploma with honours of European doctor. He is a member of the Spanish Integrative Medicine Society. 

Dr. Abanades holds a wide experience, both at a practical and investigative level. He has been the main clinical investigator and collaborator in multiple clinical trials with 25 international publications in International peer reviewed journals, 20 national publications and several book chapters.

He has been the medical director of Clínica Omegazeta in Barcelona where he implemented a pioneering program of Integrative Medicine, heading a team of 30 professionals. He currently teaches several postgraduate studies at the Universitat de Barcelona and is an active speaker at national and international courses, seminaries and congresses.  


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