E.MI: “Jewellery Manicure”

Pódium Nails & Makeup

“A founder and the main E.Mi brand technologist”

Speaker: Ekaterina Miroshnichenko (Rusia)

Nails like jewels!

“Massive jewellery” has gained an important position in the fashion industry and has won over the hearts of many women. This year, designers have decided to “revive” the trend with brooches with big stones and luxury clothing in vibrating gold, silver and bronze colours. This part of trendsetting novelties, in a dazzling combination of legendary techniques paired up to “Gemty” gels, designed especially by E. Mi, imitates the best of the latest trends in jewellery.

This is how we will present jewellery manicure, exclusively made for a woman who wants to feel like a queen every day, luxurious, self-confident and irresistible….