COSMOBEAUTY Barcelona is proud to announce the second edition of the Solidarity Collage Show. A unique event where great names from the international hairdressing scene present a spectacular show that combines talent and creativity aimed exclusively at raising funds for the investigation of Alzheimer’s disease.

The show will take place at the Beauty BCN Catwalk on Sunday, April 2nd. Corinne Pérez (Make Up For Ever), Laura Betato (Bhaus Barcelona), Luciana Sabariz (Sabariz Hairtists), Raffel Pages (Raffel Pages), Saul Sancho (Saul&Co) and Vishal Baharani (Bhaus Barcelona) are just some of the special guests that will participate. Tickets for the show will be on sale months before the event and the entire takings will be donated to representatives of the Memory Unit / Alzheimer Laboratory of Hospital Sant Pau on the same day of the event.

Artists invited to the 2017 edition